Hunger Games Movie Poster Making Contest

We have a lot of exciting updates about the upcoming movie. Debra Zane has been chosen as the casting director. Lionsgate announced the release date which is set on March 23, 2012. It will be really great if they announce the movie cast soon (or give us a hint about it! ).

While waiting for the movie, we are inviting fans to join The Hunger Games Movie Poster – Making Contest.


– Create a Hunger Games movie poster using any graphics software. We prefer digital art. :)

– Deadline of submission is February 7, 2011.

– Maximum of 2 entries per participant

– The dimensions should be 400 x 600 pixels.

*Open to U.S. Residents only (If you are not from U.S. and still wants to submit a HG movie poster, feel free to show us your creation, and we’ll display them on a separate post under the Fan Art category. In your email, ┬áplease indicate that you are not from the U.S.)

How will the winner will be determined:

There will be a poll which will start on February 8. The day after the deadline of submission. Fans will be voting for the best Hunger Games movie poster.

Grand Prize:  The winner takes it all! The creator of the most-voted Hunger Games Movie Poster will receive a Hunger Games T-shirt, key chain and a bookmark! All Hot Topic items! :)

Please send your entries in .jpg or .jpeg format to

Subject: Hunger Games Movie Poster Making Contest

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