Hunger Games: Fan Made Movie Posters asked us and two other great Hunger Games fan sites, Hunger Games Network and Down With The Capitol to look for popular Hunger Games  fan-made poster online.

We didn’t have to look any further. There were a lot of amazing entries submitted to us when we had our Hunger Games movie poster-making contest.

Pros: This garnered the most votes in the poster-making contest. The phrase “Viewing is Mandatory” is really catchy and reminds the book fans of how controlling The Capitol is.

Cons: It does not give any glimpse of what the movie is about.

Verdict: Very original! This is an effective teaser. Moviegoers who are not aware of the book series will be equally intrigued.

Poster by: Amy

Pros: The Mockingjay pin says it all. Even from afar, fans will recognize that this is a Hunger Games movie poster.

Cons: It may not spark the interest of those who haven’t heard of the book.

Verdict: Simple yet sharp looking! It’s enough to grab one’s attention.

Poster by: Daniel

Pros: Hailee Steinfield is a popular fan favorite to play Katniss.

Cons: Those who think that Hailee is not right for the role won’t like it.

Verdict: Supporters of “Hailee for Katniss” will give this poster two thumbs up.

Poster by: SaveMe620

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