Jennifer Lawrence Featured in Elle (Photos and Video)

Jennifer Lawrence was recently featured in Elle. Watch the video to see behind the scenes of the photo shoot and also a short interview with the Hunger Games star.

For a gorgeous movie star with the irritating luck to be discovered at 14 while on a spring-break trip to New York City, Lawrence’s lack of pretense is almost unnerving. In interviews, she accompanies self-deprecating punch lines (“Yeah, that’s how I’m gonna sign my name at, like, the doctor’s office—‘Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence’”) with full-revolution eye rolls, tossing in Dumb and Dumber quotes whenever possible. Growing up in Kentucky, she was raised by a camp-director mom, a construction-company-owner dad, and two older brothers who never made her feel precious. “Being the youngest and the only girl, I think everyone was so worried about me being a brat that they went in the exact opposite direction of treating me like Cinderella,” Lawrence says. “I’d slap my brother on the arm, and he’d throw me down the stairs. I was always like, ‘Can we talk about excessive force, please?’”

Even when Lawrence is playing vulnerable on-screen, she still exudes a formidable, ever-so-subtle defiance. “She finds strength in every moment,” says Anton Yelchin, with whom she stars in both the Jodie Foster–directed dark comedy The Beaver (as a valedictorian with a painful past) and this fall’s Like Crazy (playing a girl whose boyfriend is pining for his ex). “I’ve watched her do two characters that are different, but they both have Jen in them, which is dignified. Even if they’re broken, they’re never weak.”

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