EW.com Reports On The Hunger Games Filming In Hildebran, N.C.

While Lionsgate won’t confirm that Hildebran is, in fact, one of the locations for Hunger Games, there does appear to be evidence (including a casting call sent to residents) that production is getting underway there (see a map of the location below). Ella Caudle, Hildebran’s town clerk, tells EW that the town had been scouted as a filming location for the movie earlier this month and that a portion of Henry River Road, a main artery in the area, was scheduled to be closed down from May 18 until May 26 for shooting. Sharon McBrayer, a writer who penned an article about the movie coming to her town for Hildebran’s local paper, theHickory Daily Record, tells EW that shooting of Hunger Games is supposedly taking place in an abandoned village in the area called Henry Mill River Village. While McBrayer notes that no one from the cast or crew has yet been spotted, she did say that security guards are at the site. Not a bad idea, considering that residents have already showed up to see if they could catch a glimpse of Hunger Games stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, and Liam Hemsworth. (EW contacted the Burke County Sheriff’s office, who said they were not at liberty to speak to speak about Hunger Games filming in the area).

But what exactly are fans of the Hunger Games books looking at in Hildebran? Could Henry River Mill Village be the location for District 12? From images found on the web of the abandoned area (including on the Facebook fan page for Henry River Mill Village), the small ghost town — which had its own general store (a possible site for The Hob or even the bakery?) — could transform effortlessly to the ravaged, poor district that inhabits, among other major Hunger Games characters, Katniss, Gale, and Peeta. As McBrayer told EW, “People are saying it seems to be a perfect site for District 12.” In fact, on the HRMV Facebook page, fans have also said that a “pastry sign” was seen on a village storefront, where a tree was also placed. (Mr. Mellark’s shop, perhaps?)

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