Hunger Games Author Suzanne Collins Wears A Mockingjay Pin

The Hunger Games author herself wears a Mockingjay pin, a replica of the one given to Katniss as a token in the 74th Hunger Games.

Within the piece Suzanne discusses her inspiration for the books, and how she worries we are becoming desensitized to the violence we see on TV.

“…there is so much programming, and I worry that we’re all getting a little desensitized to the images on our televisions.  If you’re watching a sitcom, that’s fine. But if there’s a real-life tragedy unfolding, you should not be thinking of yourself as an audience member. Because those are real people on the screen, and they’re not going away when the commercials start to role.”

source: Movie Magic Magazine via Down With the Capitol (Thanks for the scans!)

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