Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket) Is A Huge Peeta Lover!

“I will tell you this: fans are not gonna be disappointed,” Elizabeth told Access Hollywood of “The Hunger Games” at the junket for her new comedy, “Our Idiot Brother,” in Beverly Hills on Saturday. “I think fans and moviegoers alike — who are not familiar with the book — are still gonna love the movie.

“Any time you can make a very entertaining movie, and also get people leaving the theater thinking and scratching their heads and really taking something away from it – that’s why we do this job,” she continued, referencing the novel’s dark portrayal of our nation’s future and violent, impoverished climate. “So, it’s really exciting to be making ‘The Hunger Games’ because there’s a lot going on in that movie, but it’s also just highly, highly entertaining.”

As for which “tribute” she prefers – Peeta Mellark (played by Josh Hutcherson), or Gale Hawthorne (played by Liam Hemsworth) — the gorgeous blonde revealed she’d root for the big-hearted Peeta in the arena.

“I am a Peeta lover, but I hate to have to choose!” she told Access. “But in the books, I’m a huge Peeta lover, because he’s a lover, not a fighter.”

source: Access Hollywood

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