New Hunger Games Merchandise by NECA Soon to be Available on Amazon!

You can now find new listings of recently launched Hunger Games merchandise by NECA on Amazon! Be sure to check out Amazon of new Hunger Games -inpired jelwery, accessories and action figures. As of today, the new items has not yet been released but fans can now place their order!

Here are some of the items that caught our attention:

1. The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Single Chain “Peeta District 12”

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

2. The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Single Chain “Mocking Jay”

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

3. The Hunger Games Movie The Hunger Games Movie Prop Replica Training Shirt “District 12” Medium

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

4. The Hunger Games Movie Lanyard “Peeta w/Pin”

Price: $5.99 on Amazon

5. The Hunger Games Movie “District 12” Metal Keychain

 Price: $6.99 on Amazon

6. The Hunger Games Movie Bag Shoulder bab with D ring strap “Poster Art”

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

7. The Hunger Games Movie Pillowcase “Peeta”

$14.99 on Amazon

8. The Hunger Games Movie – Pajama Set “Mockingjay”

Price: $34.99 on Amazon

9. The Hunger Games Movie – Fleece Polar fleece ‘Mockingjay’


Price: $24.99 on Amazon

10. The Hunger Games Movie Prop Replica Jacket “Katniss’s Arena”

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

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