Woody Harrelson Talks Hunger Games With WSJ

Here’s a recent interview of Speakeasy with Woody Harrelson:

…Your next character, Haymitch in “The Hunger Games” drinks a lot.

The drinker, that’s a horrible way to put it. I guess he does like a little bit of drink though.

But they are both addicted to substances. What was it like to enter the dystopian world of “The Hunger Games?”

It was really cool man. Gary Ross, that guy is a freaking genius and I think that he created this world, the world that my character Haymitch was in was in the capital, I wasn’t out there in the games. But that world was just staggering in its depth of its imagination. It’s incredible man. Everything was so different from the world we know, so its really a completely fantasized world.

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