Simon Beaufoy Already Fine-tuning The Screenplay For Hunger Games Sequel, Catching Fire


Although the Lionsgate film isn’t due in theaters until March 23, Beaufoy is already fine-tuning the screenplay for “Catching Fire,” based on author Suzanne Collins’ second novel in the bestselling series.

Beaufoy was reluctant to share many details about the project, but he did say that he’s been charmed by Collins and her knowledge of warfare.

“She’s fascinating,” said Beaufoy. “Her dad was a military expert, historian and lecturer and used to be in the forces. It’s fascinating hearing her talk about the thesis for the three novels: The first is about survival, the second is rebellion and the third is about all-out war. She’s very compelling about all of that.”

Beaufoy was impressed by the boldness of Collins’ writing, specifically her treatment of young people. “The books treat teenagers exactly how teenagers want to be treated — with great seriousness. The situations are life and death and we don’t have to sugarcoat that.”

source: LA Times

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