Giveaway Winner – The World Of The Hunger Games (Official Movie Tie-In Book)

Olga wins a copy of The World Of  The Hunger Games (Official Movie Tie-In Book).

One of my favourite scenes is when Katniss shows the sign to people from eleventh district. Rue’s death scene was so emotional and heartbreaking. I had read the book before, but I was shocked by this scene more than I had expected. I knew what was going to happen, but still I had hope that Katniss would be the first to shoot the boy from the first district. Silly me. When she started to sing I started crying. This melody touches a heart. I think there is no one who would disagree. It’s cruel to kill somebody, but killing a child is even worse. She was innocent and looked like an angel. In this scene Jennifer didn’t play a role of Katniss, she was Katniss. All of these emotions. She wanted to be brave for Rue, she didn’t want do make her sad. All changed after Rue’s death. She could release her emotions and we all could see the pain on her face. Everyone who lost somebody knows this feeling. She felt guilty for not being here on time. Then she put all of these flowers and show this sign to the people from Rue’s district. I am so sorry for very long beginning, but I can’t explain it clearly without that. It wasn’t just a simple sign. It was the sign of unity with all those people. Sometimes we can’t do much as units, but we can do a lot as group. There is so much hatred in this world, but in our darkest moments we all can stay together as one. We can share our feelings, understand, encourage the others, resist evil and just be there, become friends. They all wanted to say “Thank you. We all are with you.” This scene made my cry so badly. Not only, because of Rue’s death, but also for hope that unity exists and can be more powerful that anyone could expect.

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