MTV Video: Hunger Games Star Josh Hutcherson Says ‘Gary’s My Guy 100 Percent’

Before the official statement from Gary Ross and Lionsgate were released, Josh Hutcherson addressed the rumors that’s Gary Ross won’t be directing Catching Fire at the “Detention” press junket.

“I think he’s a genius. He’s an incredible writer and director, so I’m excited to see kind of what he ends up coming up with for the second one,” he said, adding that he had no other names he wanted to toss in the directorial ring if and when Ross shouldn’t return.

“No, I won’t let myself [say] someone else,” he added. “Not until they tell me it has to be someone else. Gary’s my guy 100 percent.” Well, now might be the time for Hutcherson to start brainstorming new directors he might want to work with once production kicks off.

source: MTV 

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