Josh Hutcherson Talks ‘Detention’ and Kissing Hunger Games Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence

Zimbio recently interviewed Josh Hutcherson about his movie Detention. He was also asked some ‘Hunger Games’ questions.

Detention is a fast-paced movie that mixes horror, science fiction, and comedy. What was that like for you as an actor?
It was a challenge sometimes. You know, you have scenes where you are jumping into a mascot bear to travel back in time and you’re trying to make that seem real [laughs]. But for me, I think that I’m a person who has a pretty wild imagination so I just let that run wild and did the best I could to not feel stupid. You kinda just gotta go for it and not hold back. Because once you start holding back or second guessing yourself, that’s when it will actually starts to look ridiculous. 

What are some of your favorite pop culture things from the ’90s?

I was a huge boy band fan back in the day. Like N*Sync and Backstreet Boys and Hanson and all that stuff. I also liked the ’90s cartoons on Nickelodeon like Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Rocco’s Modern Life. Those are some of my favorites.

Are you a skateboarder in real life or did you have to learn for the movie?
It helped that I had some skateboarding history for the film, but I definitely stepped it up quite a bit when it came to the film. But actually I also had to learn how to unicycle for the movie! There’s one shot where I unicycle down the hallway of the high school so I took a few weeks of really training hard to get that unicycle down pat.

What was it like to work as both an executive producer and an actor on Detention
It was awesome for me. I’ve always kind of grown up on movie sets and wanted to get behind the camera, so for [director] Joseph [Kahn] to give me that opportunity was awesome. My biggest involvement was with the casting process at the beginning, as well as nailing down the story stuff and on set just helping with the logistics of things and making sure everything ran smoothly. So it was cool and for me it was something that I would like to do a lot more of.

Read the rest of the interview on Zimbio.

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