Zooey Magazine: New Photos And Interview With Of Hunger Games Actor Dayo Okeniyi

Hunger Games actor Dayo Okeniyi is featured in Zooey Magazine. Read the interview below with the actor who played Thresh in the movie.

The best part of my job, is just getting a chance to work with people that you admire so much. It’s a really fortunate job. I love my job. Film is such an old media, that there are people who have been doing this for such a long time and are still doing it. And people that grew up admiring the characters that were played on screen and to actually get a chance to meet them and work with them. Working with people like Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland, people who are so awesome at what they do, it’s incredible.

Getting a chance to do something that really touches people. Sometimes you think of film as such a trivial thing. But there are movies that change people’s lives. People leave movie theaters and have completely changed the way they live. If somebody comes to me and says, ‘your movie made me think of something differently’ or ‘I watch your movie whenever I have a bad day,’ I would love that.

One thing on my bucket list is to win an Academy Award. It’s always work related, because I love acting so much. Work with Will Smith. Work with J.J. Abrams. Work with Steven Spielberg. I could go on and on.

My biggest guilty pleasure is Food Network. I watch everything on Food Network. It’s pretty embarrassing, but I love it (and my roommates hate it)! I watch Chopped. I watch Iron Chef and Man vs. Food. I watch everything. It’s kind of bad, but I am proud of it.

The most played song (at the moment) on my iPhone is probably Drake’s “We’ll Be Fine.” I cannot live without my Iphone.

When I have free time, I just like hanging out with friends. I’m old school. I just hang with the boys. We are either playing videogames or hanging out at the bar. Or, we just watch sports all day. Lately, though, I don’t have a lot of free time, not much time to just chill, but when I do, I just like hanging out with friends.

Read the rest of the interview on Zooey Magazine.

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