Next Movie: ‘The Hunger Games’ Travel Guide

Next Movie created a Hunger Games travel guide for those who want to visit the filming locations of the movie:

Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, Knight Theater at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center served as the setting for Caesar Flickerman’s tribute interviews with the Capitol audience, and the Charlotte Convention Center was reportedly used for filming the district tribute parade scene. The city also served as a (computer-enhanced, of course) backdrop for some of the exterior Capitol scenes, so a stroll through the downtown area might yield some familiar sights.

While filming in the city, Jennifer Lawrence rented a house in the NoDa area, an artsy district which the cast frequented during off-time (one known fave is Cabo Fish Taco). Meanwhile, director Gary Ross rented a house in Myers Park, and the rest of the gang stayed at the Ritz Carlton. Ross notoriously enjoyed the pork belly at Customshop and visited the Battery Park Book Exchange regularly.

The city’s Amelie’s French Bakery provided the goodies seen on-board the Capitol train and gave Woody Harrelson a spot to play chess with locals. Harrelson was also a noted fan of the U.S. National Whitewater Center’s rock-climbing wall, and Lenny Kravitz frequently abandoned his normally healthy diet while in town to sup at Price’s Chicken Coop. Kravitz also rented out the Bojangles Coliseum for a month to prepare for his “Black and White America” tour and performed a private concert for the cast and crew there.

Concord, NC

In Concord (about 30 minutes northeast of Charlotte), the huge old Philip Morris Cabarrus Plant was transformed into a full-on studio for production on Capitol training scenes and others. Many of the antiques seen in the Hob scene were purchased at Concord’s Depot at Gibson Mill.

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