Teen Creates ‘Hunger Games’ Graphic Novel

NewsTimes.com recently interviewed Eilish Nobes, a 15-year old student who created a graphic novel for The Hunger Games.

Q: You are so talented! Your work is amazing and so detailed. How long have you been interested in art?

A: I’ve been drawing since I was in kindergarten. In elementary school, I started drawing comic book characters and began coming up with my own characters. In middle school, I would draw pictures of movie stars and such.

My drawing of a lion became my school’s mascot in the school newspaper. On a wall in the science building at my high school, I designed a seascape mural.

Q: What is a graphic novel? How did you make this?

A: It’s in between a comic book and an actual novel. It has all the comic strip components in that it has many pictures, but it also has enough words and storytelling to resemble a novel.

To make the graphic novel, I first took a pencil and underlined whatever I thought was important in the book. Then I wrote those words in my novel.

Since the book has no pictures, I based what the characters look like on my own imagination. As long as you have a good story line to it, it doesn’t matter what the picture is. You just have to be creative.

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