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HungerGamesTrilogy.Net’s fan of the week is Jordanne Morrow. She is 19 years old and she’s from the USA.

I attached 2 different pictures, the first is of myself with an autographed hunger games poster that I won in a contest.  I swear I entered at least 40 different hunger games contests just within the 3 or so months before the movie!  I felt this picture was very representative of my “obsession” with the hunger games and hunger games contests, as all my friends call it!  They get so tired of seeing my tweets and face book posts saying “please help me win so and so’s contest”!! 

The second picture was the outfit I put together for the midnight premiere that I got to go to.  It’s based off of what I could see someone wearing in one of the districts.  I love clothing, so I love all the attention the hunger games pays to clothing in the districts and the capitol.  To me that makes the fantasy world all more real.

Q and A with Jordanne

1. How did you learn about The Hunger Games?

I first learned about it over a year ago, during my freshman year of college.  My best friend Nicole had read the Hunger Games books her senior year of high school, and was badgering me all year to read the books because she thought they were so great.  I was so busy, since it was my first year of college, I had little time to read much of anything.  But as soon as summer came around, I took Nicole’s advice and read the first book.  I immediately became hooked, and read all three of the books in about 5 days. ( I actually listed to the second two on cd in the car as I drove to and from work everyday).  After reading the books I absolutely fell in love!

2. If you were born in the dystopian era, what do you think would your life be? Would you be living in one of the districts or would you be enjoying a fabulous life in the Capitol?

I am a very compasionate, and caring person (my friends all make fun of me because we’ll be watching things on tv such as the news, and I will start tearing up because I’m so upset by what I was seeing) so I do not think there would be any way that I would be able to live in the capitol and live in luxury while i sat and watched other people suffering.

I would be living in a district, which one I’m not sure.  I would think maybe 3, because i’m very good with electronics, or maybe 8 because i love clothing. Whichever district I did live in i know i would be a hard worker.  I love education, and working to help others.  I am currently studying criminal justice, and have a passion for trying to fix problems, especially when I see people being treated poorly.  I would definitely be a  part of the rebellion no matter which district i lived in.

3. If your name was called in the reaping and you’d be participating in the Games, which of the tributes from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games will you choose as allies?

From the 74th hunger games i would want to ally with rue, peeta and/or foxface, because I agree more with their strategy in the games.  I don’t think I would be able to bring myself to kill anyone unless I absolutely had to. I would be better at hiding, and playing more of a mental game than a physical game.

In the 75th Game I would want to ally with Beetee because of his brains and his strong morals.  Again the reasons i gave above apply, I would not want to kill anyone myself.  I would rather find others’ weaknesses and then work those to my advantage, than flat out kill a person

4. As a Hunger Games tribute, what would be your skill and strategy to survive?

There’s a lot of that in the question above.  I am a pretty small person, especially for my age.  I would be good at hiding, climbing, anything that requires little weight and agility.  I also am a runner, I ran cross country for 7 years, so I am quick and have good stamina, so running would be a benefit for me.  i feel that my strategy would be a lot like katniss and rue’s.  I would mainly try to wait everyone else out.  I also go camping a lot, so i am great in the outdoors in many different conditions, and have taken a lot of training in outdoor survival (from my stage about two years ago when I thought I wanted to be in the airforce but then realized that because of my contacts I wouldn’t be allowed to fly).  I am tough, resilient, and hard working.  I feel like I would do pretty well in the games.

5. What do you think of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie?

I thought the movie was great!! It wasn’t the best as a complete replacement for the book due to all the changes, but I believe that wasn’t what Gary Ross was going for.  It WAS great as an addition to the books, it was very amazing to see all these things that I had been picturing in my head finally come to life, and the changes made to the movie kept it very exciting, which is difficult to do.  They did a great job making the movie exciting for those who have read the book and think they know what is going to come next.  I feel like if they had gone straight from the book it would have become boring for the readers because they could predict everything that was going to happen.  The acting choices were great, and the movie evoked every emotion I was hoping it would, all the emotions that the book had gotten from it’s readers.

6. What’s your favorite scene from The Hunger games movie?

My favorite scene was the rebellion in District 11.  It was so heart wrenching and provided a great glimpse into the struggles going on all over the districts.  I also thought it was a great little preview as to what will come in the future movies. I loved the fact that it showed an entire district coming together to rebel over the unjust killing of an innocent little girl, who had not and would not have harmed anyone.  It was such a powerful scene.

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