Liam Hemsworth On New ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel Director Francis Lawrence

EOnline had a chance to chat with Liam Hemsworth about The Hunger Games this weekend at City Year’s second annual Spring Break event.

“The last I heard the new director (Lawrence) had just come on, so that’s really cool,” the Aussie actor told EOnline. “I’m excited about that. I think we shoot the last few months of this year.”

His reaction on Gary Ross not returning to direct the sequel:

“I’m really sad to see that Gary’s not going to be part of the second one,” he said. “He did such an amazing job on the first.”

But don’t get too worried. Hemsworth said, “I think that there’s still so many people a part of it that want the film to be great and care about it so much that they’re not going to bring the wrong person on.”


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