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Hunger Games Trilogy Fan Site’s fan of the week is Kimberly. She is 14 years old and she’s from Canada. She had met Suzanne Collins when she won a contest with Chapters and she got to have dinner with her! How lucky!

Q and A with Kimberly:

1. How did you learn about The Hunger Games? 

That’s actually quite a funny story. One day, a few years back when Lionsgate had just claimed The Hunger Games franchise, my friend Chloe and I were hanging out and we were extremely bored. Seriously, there was absolutely nothing to do. Suddenly, Chloe got a wonderful idea. She said that we should make a music video. I was delighted, I love editing videos! That was when I realized that we both had no idea what song we were going to do and then we were bored again. We thought for a bit and then Chloe got another wonderful idea. She told me that she knew a really good version of a song called ‘Rue’s Lullaby.’ I was confused. I had never heard of that song. We listen to one of the versions online and I really liked it. We took some pictures and put together a nice little video. It’s weird that I learned about these awesome books through Rue’s death scene. I absolutely love Chloe for introducing me to this series, if she had not, I don’t know what I would be a fan of.

2. If you were born in the dystopian era, what do you think would your life be? Would you be living in one of the districts or would you be enjoying a fabulous life in the Capitol? 

That is a very difficult question to answer. I’m one of those people who likes the fancy things that Capitol has but I also would enjoy some things in the districts. My mother has always told me that I need to marry rich otherwise I’m going to be bankrupt because I like all of the expensive things. At restaurants, I always end up picking one of the most expensive item there is. My favorite restaurant is actually a really fancy restaurant that has the best shrimp and caesar salad in the entire world, and yet I still like the simple things. I think it would be fun to just spend an entire day laying down in the forest. If you asked my friends to answer this for me, most of them would tell you that I would be living in a career district. I am not shy to admit that I get a bit competitive sometimes. My friend, Hannah, calls me ‘The Female Cato’ because I am so competitive. I am also known as ‘The Beast,’ and ‘The Tank’ at my youth group. I really don’t have a clue where I would be living in Panem.

3. If your name was called in the reaping and you’d be participating in the Games, which of the tributes from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games will you choose as allies? 

I would obviously ally with some of the Careers immediately. I would probably choose Cato and Clove first of all because they are both so tough and I think we would get along well. I take archery lessons on Saturdays, and I think they could use someone who can use a long distance weapon. Marvel’s spear is kind of long distance, but an arrow can go much further. If the careers do not accept me, I would go to Katniss. We both do archery, and although I will never be as good as her, we could work together. Archers unite!

4. As a Hunger Games tribute, what would be your skill and strategy to survive?

As I have said before, I’m actually a fairly good archer. My archery teacher says I’m a natural at it! My strategy would be to lay low at the beginning, kind of use the Foxface strategy. I would run into the cornucopia, take my bow and arrows and get the heck out of there. I will survive off of what I can catch with my bow until it gets down to the final ten or five. At that point, I will finish off all of those who remain with my archery skills. I would also try to find a strong alliance to join, such as the careers, just for a bit of extra protection.

5. What do you think of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie? 

I thought it was fantastic. Gary Ross did a fantastic job at keeping to the story line and not going too far off. Josh was amazing. He is just the perfect Peeta. Jenn, she was just fabulous. She is exactly how I pictured Katniss. I loved the reaping scene. It went just as I imagined it did in my head. The chariot outfits… they just took my breath away. They were wonderful. I was slightly disappointed with Katniss’s dress. I expected it to be more big and extravagant.  All of the training was awesome! I loved all of the different stations they had. The bloodbath… it was incredible. That was the one scene where the shaky camera was necessary. The shaky camera made it more dramatic at that part, but it wasn’t necessary for the rest of the movie. The Careers were much happier than I imagine them. I pictured them like those kids at your high school that look so scary that you run away when you see them. The cave scene was so good! I loved it! Alexander Ludwig was flawless. He is Cato. I loved his monologue near the end. I almost cried, and I’m not really an emotional person. I wish that they had not cut as many lines from the book tough. They cut my absolute favorite line from the entire series “, You here to finish me off, sweetheart?” but overall, it was great.

6. What’s your favorite scene from The Hunger games movie? 

My favorite scene from the entire movie would have to be when Katniss finds Peeta in the mud. I know it seems kind of odd, but that scene is what my blog is based off of! My blog is called!

Here are some photos of Kimberly in her Capitol Citizen outfit when she attended the The Hunger Games midnight premiere.

She looks gorgeous! :)

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