The Hunger Games DVD and Blu-Ray Now Available For Pre-Order from Tesco Entertainment

We previously mentioned that The Hunger Games DVD and Blu-ray will be released in the UK on September 3rd. In a recent press release from Tesco Entertainment, it has been announced that the DVD and Blu-ray is now available for pre-order on their site. You can also pre-order on Amazon UK.

LONDON, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Life is a battle for survival in this adventure film for the whole family. Whether you managed to catch it in the cinema, or you are looking to see the action on DVD and Blu-ray, you can pre-order The Hunger Games from Tesco Entertainment now, priced at £10.00 and £15.00 respectively.

Taking the world by storm, The Hunger Games smashed US box office records in its first weekend and long lines of eager fans queued to watch this hotly anticipated post-apocalyptic thriller on the big screen. The plot centres around the fictional American city of Capitol where a privileged few rule over the starving masses. Each year a randomly selected boy and girl from every district, known as ‘Tributes’, are commanded to participate in a fight to the death known as The Hunger Games. The Games are televised and viewing is required for all the workers of Panem. When the 12-year-old sister of Katniss Everdeen is chosen as her district’s Tribute in the Games, Katniss volunteers herself instead.

Along with her male counterpart Peeta, Katniss soon discovers that there’s more to surviving the Games than being the fastest and the strongest: alliances are quickly formed amongst the more brutal of the Tributes and essential survival tools can only be won by currying favour with the audience. Katniss must use all of her strength and cunning to survive the Games and, in the process, bring hope to Panem’s 13 districts.

Based on the sensationally popular novel of the same name, The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland in roles that serve as the ultimate tribute to the much-loved characters of the book. The Hunger Games is a must-have DVD and Blu-ray purchase for fans of the book series delivering awe-inspiring performances, breath-taking music and a heart-racing plot, which can also be enjoyed by those unfamiliar with the novels.

The Hunger Games is available to pre-order now, due for release on September 3rd 2012. Each pre-order you make with Tesco Entertainment will be protected by the Pre-Order Price Promise, which guarantees that should the price you are quoted when you pre-order differ from the price on day of release you will pay the lowest displayed price. An additional benefit of pre-ordering with Tesco Entertainment is that we always strive to have pre-orders with customers on the day of release.

The Hunger Games is just one of the many exciting pre-order items and readily available products stocked by Tesco Entertainment, which is home to an endless selection of competitively priced DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, MP3s and games. With so much to choose from, Tesco Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for entertainment online.

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