Total Girl Interviews Hunger Games Star Willow Shields at Oz Comic Con

Willow Shields was a guest at the Oz Comic Con which was held in Melbourne last June 30th to July 1st.  Total Girl had a chance to interview the Hunger Games actress.  

Who has been the most interesting person to work with in your acting career?
Probably Jennifer Lawrence. You don’t meet many people like her. She is an amazing actress, but at the same time she is also a very nice person and she is very talkative and straight away she just wants to know all about you. She is just really awesome person.

Is it true that you have a secret hobby making miniature art?
Yes that is true! I like to make what’s called artist trading cards – basically like how people have baseball cards, what I do is take a baseball card or a playing card and then I paint over it, or do a collage or something, and make it my own little piece of art, and then I can trade it with my friends and stuff. I really love doing that.

Do you have many friends who do it with you?
Yeah I have three or four friends that also really love artist trading cards, so we are always making new ones and trading with each other.

Cool! Is it also true that you are a twin?
Yeah, I have a twin sister.

Did you ever use being a twin to your advantage to play pranks on your parents or school teachers?
Sadly, no. But we did always used to do that to our brother. We were always trying to figure out ways to prank him!

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