New Quest: Unlock The Map of Panem in The Hunger Games Adventures

Finally, we will be able to see the official map of Panem. In the new Hunger Games Adventures quest, when enough players find the official seals for the districts, the in-game map of Panem will be revealed. compiled this list of where you can find the seals:

District 1: Jewelry Stand in The Marketplace
District 2: Cottage in The Village, House at The Seam
District 3: Gadgets Stand in The Marketplace
District 4: Fish barrel at The Hob, pond in Forest Escape
District 5: Electricity Pole at The Schoolyard
District 6: Terminal in the Capitol Train Station, any Train Car in The Train Yard
District 7: Woodpile by The Lake
District 8: Capitol Couture Stand in The Marketplace, Clothes Stand at The Hob
District 9: Grain sacks at The Bakery
District 10: Prim’s Goat at The Bakery, Chicken at The Seam
District 11: Apple trees in Hideout, Strawberry Plant in Hideout, Tractor in the Village

Also, thank you to our reader Peter for finding the District 12 Code:IVOLUNTEER

Let us know when you unlock the map! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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