Fan of The Week – Julie’s Fan of the Week is Julie. She’s from the U.S.A. She’s lucky enough to have met Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig 4 times on the set of his upcoming movie Grown Ups 2.
Here are some of her photos with Alexander.
Q and A with Julie:
1. How did you learn about The Hunger Games?
My friend read the books when they first came out, and recommended them to me, and I read all three within a week.
2. If you were born in the dystopian era, what do you think would your life be? Would you be living in one of the districts or would you be enjoying a fabulous life in the Capitol?
If I was born in this era, I would be living in one of the districts. I think it would be so challenging and difficult, I couldn’t even imagine living in a time like that.
3. If your name was called in the reaping and you’d be participating in the Games, which of the tributes from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games will you choose as allies? I would probably choose Katniss or Finnick, because they are smart and are reliable to have your back.
4. As a Hunger Games tribute, what would be your skill and strategy to survive? Trust no one. I would then probably just find a tree or somewhere to hide out.
5. What do you think of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie?
The Hunger Games’ movie blew me away. It was amazing, I loved every minute of it. It did not disapoint the books.
6. What’s your favorite scene from The Hunger games movie?
My favorite scene is either the cave scene or Cato’s death.
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