Jennifer Lawrence’s Archery Coach Interview With Elle Girl

In a previous interview, it was mentioned that Khatuna Lorig, Jennifer Lawrence’s archery coach for the Hunger Games movie, will be joining the 2012 Olympics for the 5th time!

In a recent interview with Elle Girl, she talks about preparing for the Olympics and her experience training the Hunger Games star.

EG: July 27th is the first ranking round for you, how do you prepare for that big day?
KL: I think about competing but I also try and just get some sleep.  I still get nervous but I try and just rest and eat my vegetables!

EG: How do you think The Hunger Games and the Olympic Games are similar or different?
KL: Well for one, we’re not killing each other!  Also, the Hunger Games are every year and the Olympics are only every four years.  The main difference though is that during the Olympics the whole world is competing in peace and everyone gets along.  I have plenty of friends on other country’s teams and we all get along.  You know, we’ll practice and shoot against each other then go and hang out after.

EG: What was it like working with Jennifer Lawrence?
KL: Jennifer was a very fast learner and a good listener too.  She has a fun personality and was easy to work with every day.  She was good at acting like she had been shooting for years.

EG: Were you proud when you saw her in the movie? 
KL: Yes, and it was weird too because I kept thinking, “Hey! I gave her that technique.”

Read the entire interview on Elle Girl!

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