EW: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Catching Fire and Director Francis Lawrence

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features an interview with Jennifer Lawrence. 

How much time off did you have between shooting The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook?

About two weeks, which was nuts. But I wasn’t running up and down mountains on this,so it actually did feel like kind of a vacation. Like, wait, I just have to talk to this person? I don’t have to shoot them with a bow and arrow?

You’re on a well-earned vacation now in Namibia. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done today?

Today I put the laundry in and I cleaned the shower tiles. Is that weird?

You’re not really selling this as a travel destination.

I’m just happy to actually have some privacy and not wash my hair for a week straight and not change my pants for five days.  This is my last few weeks of no cell service, and then I’m back to Hunger Games.

Do you feel ready to dig deep into Catching Fire?

I feel like we’re going back for our sophomore year. And [director] Francis Lawrence is absolutely brilliant and I love what he’s done with the script, so I’m happy to work with him.


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