Willow Shields Talks Hunger Games With SheKnows.com

SheKnows.com had an interview with Willow Shields about  The Hunger Games and fashion, too. :)

SheKnows: The Hunger Games has turned into such a huge phenomenon! Were you a fan of the series before you auditioned for the role or Primrose Everdeen?

Willow Shields: I was actually just starting the books when I got the role. I was in the middle of reading the first book when I got the audition, so I was becoming a big fan and I was really excited about getting an audition for a role that I’d read about in a book!

SheKnows: This was such an amazing breakout role for you. Looking back on the experience, what was your favorite part of working on The Hunger Games?

Shields: My favorite memory was probably just hanging out with Jennifer [Lawrence] and acting with her because one minute we were really serious and crying in one scene and then the next minute we’d be laughing and playing jokes on each other.

Read the rest of the interview on SheKnows.com.

Thanks to thehungergamesmovies.net  for the tip!

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