Hunger Games Actor Josh Hutcherson Praises ‘Catching Fire’ Script

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson talks about preparing for the sequel. He said that he has been working out a lot to get back into shape for his role of Peeta. He also praised The Hunger Games: Catching Fire script and revealed that he has met with director Francis Lawrence.

The sequel “Catching Fire” is set to start filming in mere weeks, and Hutcherson is pumped: “I’m so excited it’s finally here, the time to start making it is finally here. I can’t wait to get shooting.” Given that a script didn’t exist just a few short months ago, it’s hard to believe everything is, in fact, prepped. But it is, according to Hutcherson: “I do have a script in hand and it’s awesome.  I love it so much,” Hutcherson confirmed, revealing that he met with newly-installed director Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend,” 2007, “Water for Elephants,” 2011) to discuss the film’s vision. “We talked about how important it was to really make the movie version of the book and that was Francis’s goal from day one — and the script definitely portrays that.  It’s a very true-to-the-book rendition of the movie.”


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