Fan Experience: Alexander Ludwig Attends Hunger Games DVD Release Party at Walmart – Miami, FL

Last night, our staffer Yvette was live tweeting from The Hunger Games DVD release Party at Walmart in Miami.  Alexander Ludwig, who played Cato in the movie, attended the event. Yvette shares us her awesome experience:

I got to Walmart at about 9:45 and saw it was totally empty. So I walked around to the back of the store were the electronic section was and boy was I wrong! There were people already lined up back there weaving in and out of the ales. I heard a walmart employee say there was about 98 people lined up already and that people had started getting to the store at about 8:30pm.

I met up with the rep that was giving me Media/Press access for the event. She asked me what was I looking to get. I told her that I didn’t expect much since I didn’t know if I was going to be able to interview him or what not but if the chance comes I was ready just in case. Which truth was, I wasn’t. I had to end up tweeting for you guys to send me questions! Ha! Lol. She had me write down my name and the site I was representing on a paper and then she looked at me and said “I’ll hook you up!” I started shaking! I didn’t know exactly what she meant by that but I was excited.

By that time t was already around 10 something and I was just hanging out in the area where the singing would be while the line got longer. Im sure all the girls in the lines probably wanted to kill me as I got there and walked to the front and just out of no where got to hang out with the bodyguards and other staff members. A little while later the rep comes back to me and says Alex is on his way that he’d be there at 10:30. She took me to the back where the employees go to clock in to wait for Alex to get there. A few mins later she tells me that he’d be there in 2 mins.

The next thing I know I hear his voice (mind you I was looking down at my phone and my back was towards the door). I turned around and there he was. And let me tell you he’s really tall! We said hello to each other and he continued into a little office to relax for a few before the event. Another 5 mins went by and then the person he arrived with asked me if I was ready for him. I was as ready as I was ever going to be since I really didn’t think this was going to happen. But there I was in a room, just Alex and me (and well like 5 other people, that was with him). No other media/press, no fan girls, just us! Luckily enough I had taken someone with me to the event so I was able to get the whole thing on video.

The whole interview lasted about 7-10 mins. And let me tell you I did a lot better then I thought I was going to do. I’m usually a mess when it comes to speaking to celebs and stuff. I’ve gone to a few conventions where the quest do Q&A panels and I never get up to ask questions even though I get thousands of them. And you would think this would be worse since Im face to face with Alex! But this somehow I got through it.

After the interview the reps asked me if I was planning to get the DVD. Of course I was! They asked me which one I wanted since apparently walmart had 4 different editions? But I told them the exclusive walmart edition on blu ray. We then went outside and I was put aside while Alex got dressed and waited for 11 to hit before he came out.

Once he came out the yells that happen, oh my I thought I had lost my hearing! But there was the rep telling me to go first. Yup that’s right I got the first autograph of the night! Although I wasn’t really there to get an autograph from him since I already had gotten his through Fan Mail, I was mostly there to meet him and take pictures. I felt honored in a sort of way that I got to be the first one!

After getting the movie signed I stood aside and waited for the fans to be let in near the table and him. Once they got there movies signed and picture taken, they were sent straight to the register even though majority of them just stood outside the electronics area taking pictures until the police forced them to go pay for their DVDs. But they made it back to the signing area after. There was this one group of girls that kept yelling “We will miss cato”, “ We love you”, “We love our sex god” and so on.

It honestly went a lot smoother then anyone had expected. All in all it was an amazing time and I’m glad to have had this experience in which I will never forget.

We will be uploading lots of photos on our next post! The video interview will be uploaded soon! :)

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