Extended Version of Deep Shadow (Hunger Games Trailer Music)

In honor of the August 18th Hunger Games DVD release, T.T.L. has released an extended version of the song “Deep Shadow”, the song used in the Hunger Games trailer. T.T.L. stands for ‘Through The Lens, a ZerOKilled project duo formed by new-wave artist Tying Tiffany and Italian electronic producer and composer Lorenzo Montana.

In an interview with Trail Music Vibe, T.T.L. talked about about Deep Shadow.

TMV: How did TTL come upon the theme for Deep Shadows per The Hunger Games film?
T.T.L:  The process of composition is not an easy thing to explain.  We were looking for a magic sound for the beginning, something like a mysterious intro. Then from this we
developed a strong main theme with a violin and bagpipes and the rest came by itself.  Every time we create a melody we are doing it  as if it was the soundtrack of the last day of our lives.

Here is a link to purchase the song:

Thanks to Charlie from Zerokilled Music for the tip!

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