Twist Interviews Hunger Games Actress Amandla Stenberg

Last week, Twist had an interview with Willow Shields. Today, they posted their interview with another Hunger Games star, Amandla Stenberg.

TWIST: So The Hunger Games is out on DVD. Why should the TWIST readers run out and get it?
AS: It has some very fun clips of us just joking around on set and I think some things that no one has really seen.

TWIST: Now when you got the role of Rue, how did you react?
AS: I completely freaked out. I’m pretty sure I almost passed out, cause I don’t remember much of it. But I know that I was freaking out, running around the house, and I had to sit down, drink glasses of water, take deep breaths. I was hyperventilating. I think actually we have it all on video.

TWIST: In the movie, what was the hardest scene to film?
AS: Probably the death scene. Not the acting, but pretending to be dead. That was the hardest because I had to take really shallow breaths and we were in the middle of the woods in North Carolina. I could feel the bugs crawling up my arms and I couldn’t move and there was buzzing, so that was probably the hardest part.

Read the rest of the interview on Twist.

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