Woody Harrelson on Haymitch and The Hunger Games

In a recent interview with Huffington Post UK< Woody Harrelson talked about playing Haymitch in The Hunger Games movie, his co-star Jennifer Lawrence, and why The Hunger Games books are popular.

Q: Could you briefly describe your character in The Hunger Games?

Haymitch is a mentor for the two characters who are going into the Games. He is grizzled and not exactly a teetotaller. In some ways he’s a little bit jaded, but under all that he is a wonderful person. To begin with, though, there is definitely a conflict with Katniss, the main character. That’s true. That is how it starts out.

Q: Haymitch looks like one of the most enjoyable characters to play…

I think he is a pretty fine character. I can’t think of any other character I have played like him. He is quite a unique character. Also he’s interesting because he’s one thing on the surface but then you find he is a little bit different, further down the road. He has that thing of people not being able to quantify him. I’m not sure if it required anything new of me as an actor. It is hard to say. You’re going to have to watch it and tell me the answer to that. Deep down there probably isn’t anything new [laughs]. It’s just me doing the same old sh*t!

Read the rest of the interview on http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk.

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