The Hunger Games Podcast at Florida Supercon From July 2012

At the end of June, early July most of you will remember that I attended FL Supercon in Miami FL; where I got to meet Dakota Hood, Ethan Jamieson, Sam Tan, Tara Macken, Annie Thurman and Mackenzie Lintz.

Throughout the convention they did many things, one of which they invited to do a podcast. They have finally uploaded the video from the conventions podcast.

This video includes 4 of the 6 actors that attended the convention (Sam Tan and Tara Macken arent included in this video).

Check it out below!

I also went back in their video history and found one of their livestreams on Google+ hangouts. The first our of this video includes all 6 cast members. It starts off with Tara Macken and Sam Tan for about the first half an hour then the rest of the cast comes in with pizza! Even though the video is about an hour and a half, only the first hour is of the Hunger Games cast.

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