EP-Con To Host 2 Hunger Games Actors This Weekend!

I’m very into the whole convention scene so naturally I would have friends in the convention world that let me know about events going on.

EP-Con will be held in EL Paso Convention Center in El Paso, TX is this weekend. They will be hosting 2 Hunger Games actors, Sam Tan who plays the District 8 Male Tribute and Nelson Ascencio who plays Flavius.

Although, their website hasn’t been updated in a while (nearly a year), their Facebook does provide a good amount of information.

The Hunger Games actors have a panel on Sunday at 11:30AM

I haven’t been able to find any information on how much photo ops or autographs would cost from either actor but from previous convention that the cast members  have attended, it’s anywhere in the $20-$40 range for each.  You can buy tickets on TicketMaster.

If anyone is attending, feel free to contact us to share your experience!

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