‘The Hunger Game: Catching Fire’ Set Photos: Arena or Tribute Training Outfit?

Today, we got a good amount of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set pictures. We’ve seen a picture of the other tributes wearing the same outfit as Josh, which brings me to the discussion, ‘What could this outfit be used as?’ It could be one of two, the Tribute Training outfit or the Arena outfit.

If you remember, in the first Hunger Games movie, their training center outfits were red, gray and black, along with their district numbers:


Why it could be a training outfit:

  • Nowhere in the book does it mention that the training outfits remains the same every year, so it’s possible that for the Quarter Quelle, they changed the training outfit into  black and silver.
  • It has been rumored that the arena scenes will be shot in Hawaii. They are currently filming in Atlanta.
Why it could be an arena outfit:
  • They could be the arena wetsuits since the games start with the tributes having to swim. 
  • There’s no district number displayed on this outfit like what was previously worn by tributes in the Training Center. 
I think that it’s a training outfit because in the book, the arena outfits are a blue jumpsuit, purple belt, and nylon shoes, which is different from the recently released photos. Plus all of them match. If you remember, each district had a different colors for their outfits in the arena:

I guess we will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on what this outfit could possibly be?

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