The Hunger Games: Catching Fire To Film at ‘The Beach’ in Clayton County

Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted an article this morning about a part in Clayton County International Park being used as a set for Catching Fire. We learned earlier this month that Clayton County Park was to expect Project GGX Production INC sometime in late October through sometime in November.

Parts of the second movie in “The Hunger Games” trilogy will be filmed over the next few months at Clayton’s International Park. The production brings with it demand for movie extras, moonlighting gigs for local police and work for local businesses.

“Catching Fire,” the second “Hunger Games” film, will shoot at a man-made water park known as “The Beach” because it was built as the beach volleyball venue for the 1996 Olympics. The park is being transformed into a post-apocalyptic setting for the movie, which is based on a book about children forced to fight to the death for food. Other parts of the movie will be shot in Atlanta and Hawaii.

Clayton County will be paid $80,000 in the deal it reached with Project GGX Productions Inc., according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Additionally, off-duty Clayton police officers will earn $45 an hour for security, and a Clayton County Water Authority worker will be paid $75 an hour to drain and refill the park’s lake.


This could be possibly used for the close up beach scenes in the movie, where the tributes make their camp when they figure out that the arena is a clock. And also where Peeta gives Katniss the pearl.

What do you guys think?

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