The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Updated Tweets From the Marriott Marquis Rooftop Set

Yesterday, we posted pictures (and here) from the filming of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on the Marriott Marquis rooftop in downtown Atlanta, that were provided by Twitter user @Mo_ Reese.

I’ve checked her Twitter feed to see if she has posted anything new. She has provided these updates:

(more after the jump! :) )

Although @Mo_Reese didn’t see anything going on today, our affiliates over at  The Hob posted this on their site regarding  filming over on the rooftop:

…one of our readers who had a view of the filming from an adjacent office building provided this recap of what she could see taking place.

–> Today was Lenny [Kravitz] and Jennifer [Lawrence] w/some Peacekeepers, and it seemed it was some type of presentation of her with him. She was in an arena suit though. I don’t think this is a literal scene from the book, but one they’ve tweaked a bit – either right before she goes into the arena and he’s beaten or something else.

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