Photo: Aerial Shot of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Set at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Our friends over at The Hob have gotten their hands on aerial shots of the Atlanta Motor Speedway parking lot, which is possibly the next filming location for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Looks like they are also painting the parking lot to match the color of the structure.

I still have a good feeling that this is for the tribute parade although the horses that we learned about last month were only supposed to be in Atlanta for a 6 day filming span.

The horses departed Canada Sept 17 and were to start shooting on Oct 9th and their part in shooting will take 6 days. Meaning they were suppose to be done filming around the 14th or 15th. One thing we can take into account is that something can always happen during filming and it could take longer then what they expected so theres a chance they went over that 6 day span they stated.


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