HungerGamesTrilogy.Net Halloween Costume Contest 2012!

Are you planning to dress up as one of The Hunger Games characters this Halloween? Enter our Hunger Games Halloween Costume Contest! We have some cool prizes for you this year! Thanks to our friends from for sending us official HG merchandise for the contest. Follow them on Twitter @newhvideo. :)


1. Send us a clear photo of you wearing your Hunger Games costume. For us to verify that it was taken this month, please also send us a photo of you wearing your costume, holding a sign that says Halloween 2012. Please send us a photo with a good angle so that we can clearly see the costume. (Have someone else take your picture, or use a camera tripod.)

Email your photos to

2. In your email, tell us something about your Hunger Games costume.

3. The contest is open to international fans. We’ll take care of the shipping fees. :)

4. Please send your entries by October 31st. The winners will be announced on November 1st.


1st Prize

  • The Hunger Games Movie Basic Jrs. Hoodie “District 12 Seal” XL
  • Capitol Coal socks
  • The Hunger Games Logo Shoelaces

2nd Prize

  • The Hunger Games Movie Pajama Set ‘Mockingjay’ L
  • Katniss Lanyard with Charm

3rd Prize

  • The Hunger Games Movie Pajama Set ‘District 12’ M
  • Peeta Mellark Double Chain Neck Lace

Reader’s choice

  • Mechanical Pencil and Pen Set
  • The Hunger Games Movie Pencil Case Canvas “Mockingay Pin

How the winners will be chosen.

The first, second and third prize winners will be chosen by the admins of

Reader’s Choice

If you were not chosen by the admins, you still have a chance to win! Among the entries (except for the chosen winners by the admins), we will choose 5 entries and ask fans to vote for their favorite. When we post the entries for the Reader’s Choice, there will be one lucky commenter who will win a copy of  World of The Hunger Games, official movie tie-in book. The voting will start on November 1st and will run for three days!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Nov 2 UPDATE: To those who sent their entries, I will be posting the winners later tonight. Sorry guys, we don’t have power at home due to Hurricane Sandy.  -Celine

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