Toby Jones Talks Hunger Games Co-Stars and Catching Fire Script

ET Online recently interviewed Toby Jones about his  latest project, HBO’s The Girl. He was also asked questions about The Hunger Games where he portrays the role of Claudius Templesmith. He talked about his co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. He also praised The Hunger Games: Catching Fire script.

ETonline: And then you have on-set photos coming out in the middle of production as paparazzi swarm the set. Now that it’s become such a successful and watched franchise, does makingCatching Fire feel any differently now than making The Hunger Games did.

Jones: Not so far. We’re blessed with, as we were on Harry Potter, lead actors who are amazingly grounded people. Jennifer [Lawrence] is amazingly grounded in the midst of all this to do. It must be unnerving and hard to relate to the amount of attention she generates. She and Josh [Hutcherson] seem very, very grounded. They’re getting down to the film like they did last time.

ETonline: As one of the few people who has read the Catching Firescript, what do you make of it?
Jones: It’s a bit of relief, I must say. I was worried it might just be repetitive, but it’s not. The script is just tremendous!

ETonline: Is it odd being a part of this massive production, yet pretty much only working with one other actor in front of a greenscreen?
Jones: Totally. But that’s how it felt doing [the voice of] Dobby as well. You come in as this satellite part of the film, so I only see Stanley [Tucci] in my scenes. These kinds of movies have so many different components; it’s about as different from doing The Girl as you could imagine.

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