Rebel Wilson to Join The Next Hunger Games Movie?

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, the actress who will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards on April 14th recently revealed to Buzzfeed that she will be joining the next Hunger Games movie. We assume that this is for the film adaptation of Mockingjay since they are almost done filming Catching Fire. When she mentioned that she has met Jennifer Lawrence, the interviewer asked her if she’s interested to be in The Hunger Games.

Ooh, would we ever see you in a role in The Hunger Games?

RW: Um, seriously, I have had a meeting about being in The Hunger Games. Yes.

Oh! In what district?

RW: It was one of the people in the capitol. That’s all I’ll say.

That would be good. That’s a good choice.

RW: Yeah, because there aren’t a lot of roles open, because they’ve all already been cast, but that would be awesome. I’d love to be in The Hunger Games.

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