Best Word Game Puzzles of 2019

I am crazy about Word Games and I spend most of my free time playing, trying various word game puzzles for both Android & IOS. My previous post about my Hunger for Games have pushed me further to check various forums, playstore and Apple store in finding the best and most addictive puzzle games for the year 2019. I have come up with a list of those after spending first quarter of this year playing different word games. Here is my list

Words Of Fortune – Words of Fortune is a new yet very addictive word game by Scopely, they are famous for their Wheels of Fortune app based on the hit Tv Show with the same name. What I love about this app is it starts easily and things just builds up as we progress down the levels. This is a limited release available both on Android and IOS at present. I needed help with certain levels and had to rely on Words Of Fortune Cheats website to move forward.

Wordbrain – This is one of the classic word game from 2015, still people are playing it and loving it. I have completed the last updated level of the app called Flamingo recently. Looking forward to their Easter challenge and much more.
Wordscapes Trending
Wordscapes – This is one of the trendiest word game of this year and still rules over IOS and Android. People rant about this game on twitter and many play it non-stop.

Stay tuned for my new post on another hot app for the year!!