*Posted on September 13th, 2012

Elaine (admin and founder) @elahawk

Elaine lives in the borough of Queens, New York City. She founded in February 2010 after a good friend introduced her to the amazing series. She read the first book in one sitting and really got obsessed with it. So, she decided to create a fan site to connect with fellow Hunger Games fans. She is currently taking up Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Kate (co-admin)

Kate joined the 6 months after the site was founded. She is a teenager from New England. She started reading when she was 3 years old, and hasn’t been seen without a book since then. Her passion for sharing books and stories also plays a role (puns!) in her love of acting. Outside of reading and acting, she is also fond of running and smiling as much as possible.

Yvette (staff member) @iL0VESEAMUS

Yvette is a 23-year old girl from Miami, FL. Her love for Hunger Games comes from her love of the Harry Potter (you guys should see her HPG collection). She found out about The Hunger Games through The Harry Potter fandom. Yvette spends a lot of time online.

Visit more of her online activities on Tumblr and

She is  also an avid autograph collector (il0veseamushpautographcollection), which has lead her to become a cosplayer at Syfy/ComicBook/Anime conventions around her area. That is how she met a good amount of celebs. In spite of being very busy online, Yvette has 3 part time jobs.  At times, she wish she can live in her online life more but that does not pay the bills so she hopes one day her 2 worlds will combine as one.

Katrina (staff member) 

Katrina is from Long Island, New York. She is 16 years old and a junior in high school. Her interests include art, reading, and hanging out with friends. She loves to draw. Anything that she see that she likes, she draws it in her sketchbook. She also loves reading.

She’s  obsessed with The Hunger Games! (Aren’t we all?) She considers Peeta as her favorite character. She has all of the ‘Peeta’ merchandise!

Venita (correspondent) @Thevfrye74


Venita is a single mother from Florida who actually didn’t get into the Hunger Games Trilogy until she heard Liam Hemsworth had been cast in The Hunger Games Movie as Gale. As a HUGE fan of the Hemsworth brothers, she committed to giving it a shot on the spot, and decided to read the book while waiting for the movie to come out so she could find out what his character was like. She’s been hooked ever since. In addition to Gale, she fell in love with the story as a whole and ended up being truly on the Hunger Games bandwagon before the first movie in the series premiered.

Shalayne (correspondent) @playergurl89


Shalayne was introduced to The Hunger Games Trilogy by a friend after The Hunger Games Movie came out. Once she started, she couldn’t stop reading until she finished. One of her favorite things to watch and read are post-apocalyptic books and movies because she’s fascinated by how humans would adapt as a species to monumental change, so the series is right up her alley.
Shalayne has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember, and her literary tastes vary from Dean Koontz to Julie Garwood to Dan Brown, to, of course Suzanne Collins. A hobby she began about 7 years ago, when she got her first laptop, is reading and writing fan fiction about couples she feels are under appreciated or don’t get enough screen time. She’s currently working on a young adult series with the intention of publishing independently. What she’s not writing, she’s developing mobile applications for a small company. She recently moved from Washington to Arizona.