I Love To Play New Games

Hi I am Paula, welcome to my website Hunger for Games. I love playing games in my smartphone, I have bought an iPhone XS and Pixel 3 exclusively to play games. You might wonder why I own two phones but at times some of the games are not available in iPhone during release while graphics rich games takes time to be ported for Android devices. Classic example is Fortnine, while the game was released for IOS in early 2018, it took six months to be ported for Android devices. I love Brain
hunger for games
I usually stick to playing Word and puzzle games as they keep my mind fresh and active. Yes they get addictive and I have spent sleepless nights to finish some of them. Wordscapes is one of my favorite word game of 2019, while my all time favorite game is Wordbrain. My favourite puzzle game as of today is Brain Test and it keeps me engaged. You can check out the solutions to Brain Test games here https://www.slantsixgames.com/brain-test/

My other favorite game of this year are Word Crossy, Word Stacks and occasionally I play 4 pics 1 word too. Sometimes I get stuck while playing these games that I got to cheat my way with the help of Google.

I usually use Slantsix games to cheat if I get stuck on any of the levels. I love their easy to use interface and I have spent a lot of time on their Wordbrain Answers page when I was stuck on levels like Minotaur, Zombie and Jellyfish. You can also check their wordscapes cheat page for solutions to this trending game. Here you go – https://www.slantsixgames.com/wordscapes-answers/