Hunger Games Filming Updates – Shelby, NC

Here are new photos of the Hunger Games Set in Shelby, NC (tweeted by Russ Bowen, courtesy of Graham Cawthon at The Shelby Star newspaper):

Russ Bowen, an anchor for News 13, also tweeted the following filming updates today:

  • All the following tweets come from the permit application in Shelby NC
  • 750 people will be on set
  • 30 trucks and personal vehicles will be on set
  • Due to high profile cast and large crew need streets closed
  • scenes filmed will be exterior
  • coal hopper trains will be delivered by truck and a crane will put them on the tracks
  • Filming in Shelby set for May 26-28 and May-June 1
  • 150 person crew 600 extras for two days 400 extras the other two days
  • have requested 4 streetlights be removed
  • traffic on some streets will be held in 90 second clusters of an hour at a time for each scene set-up

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