Neko Case On The Hunger Games Soundtrack

American singer-songwriter Neko Case recently tweeted that’s she’s finishing up a ‘Hunger Games’ song!

Luckily, she replied to our tweets:

@HGT_Fansite: @NekoCase What’s your favorite song/s from the soundtrack? 😉

@NekoCase: @HGT_Fansite There’s a song by the Secret Sisters that I don’t know the title of yet. The singing is TO DIE for!

@HGT_Fansite: @NekoCase Can you disclose to us the title of your song included in the soundtrack? BTW, have you read the entire series? :)

NekoCase: @HGT_Fansite YES! I was dying to write a song for a movie with such a heroine in it. It’s called “Nothing to remember”. Thanks for asking!


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