Hunger Games “Mockingword” T-Shirt Discount Code and Giveaway!

Together with, we are giving away a Mockingword t-shirt! To enter the giveaway, Tweet  ‘I want to WIN #TheHungerGames #Mockingword t-shirt from @OtherTees and @HGT_Fansite sells unique shirt design for 3 days! They are offering discounts to our readers. Use the discount code: hgtnet during checkout. It’ll be for 0.6 USD; 0.5 EUR or 0.4 GBP. Shirt will be available on black and navy and it costs 12 USD, 9 EUR, 7.5 GBP + shipping

The lucky winner will be announced tomorrow at at 23:00 CET (Central European Time). That’s approximately 30 hours from now!

This is open to international fans. The winner will be chosen by random!

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