Jennifer Lawrence Will Appear In A Short Film Set to Debut During The MTV Movie Awards

Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence will be appearing in a short film which will debut during the MTV Movie Awards tonight!

The photo clearly shows Lawrence with an arrow through her head, and given her unimpressed, annoyed expression when the pic was snapped, she doesn’t look too pleased about the situation. But not to worry: The arrow through her head is all for the sake of Movie Awards comedy, for which Lawrence was totally game.

MTV News recently caught up with Movie Awards short film producer Jordan Rubin to get the behind-the-scenes scoop about how Lawrence came to be involved.

“The idea generated from this year being the year of archery,” Rubin said. “Archery has really come back in a big way, so it seemed like a good thing to do as a jumping-off point for some comedy.

source: MTV

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