Elizabeth Banks Says Her Character The Hunger Games is ‘Oppressed’

Elizabeth Banks talks about her role in The Hunger Games movie:

On “The Hunger Games”: “I read the books in two minutes, and I’m so grateful to Suzanne Collins for making Katniss Everdeen. She’s unapologetic. Her motives are very clear and very simple and very heroic.”

On Effie Trinket: “My character, Effie, is oppressed and knows it. Some people want to write her off as comic relief, but Effie knows exactly what goes on. These dumb things she says are masking her feelings. In District 12, they always lose. She’s sending kids to their death. In every great social fight there are people on the wrong side — there are people that loved Hitler, or had slaves. Effie’s on the wrong side in ‘The Hunger Games’ — and she’s about to figure that out.”

source: Yahoo Movies

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