Panem Companion: An Unofficial Guide to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games

From the publisher of The Girl Who Was on Fire comes another guide to Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games! Smart Pop Books will soon release The Panem Companion!

Here are more details about the book:

 Explore the Landscape of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy with New Book 

The Panem Companion 

Now that The Hunger Games has been brought to life on film, it’s much easier for fans to imagine what Panem looks like, from the poverty of District 12 to the excess of the Capitol. But what about how Panem works? The Panem Companion: An Unofficial Guide to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, From Mellark Bakery to Mockingjays, to be released by Smart Pop just in time for the holiday season, offers an exciting return to a big part of what makes the Hunger Games trilogy so powerful: the place itself.

Including a four-color unofficial map of Panem—an updated version of the one that appeared on,, and the A.V. Club, among other places, in February and March 2012—and an intensive lexicon of names complete with etymology and analysis of historical allusions, fan academic V. Arrow’s companion engages in a comprehensive discussion of the culture, socioeconomics (including tesserae and the Hunger Games itself), and politics of Panem.

With insight on topics ranging across the hotly debated roles of race, violence, and entertainment in the series, to deliberations about Prim’s true parentage, to musings on Capitol ideals of beauty, The Panem Companion brings together fan discussion with literary close reading to further explore Panem and discover exactly what makes it such a striking and jarring reflection of our world.

The Hunger Games trilogy is studied in school, gushed about at home, and argued about in the media; The Panem Companion explains why.


Author V. Arrow graduated from Knox College in 2008 with degrees in history and creative writing, specializing in 20th-century pop culture and young adult lit. Under another name, she has previously published at Pop Matters, The One Love,, and The Hollywood Reporter.


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The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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