The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Casting For District 11?

CL Casting once again have taking to their facebook account to scout for extras. Looks like they are possibly casting for the District 11 stop on the Victory Tour.

Which if we are correct that means they are filming District 11 in just a few weeks which would mean that this Justice Building we saw a picture of a few days ago would belong to this scene.

However one thing didnt connect with the other castings is the email they listed to send in your info. All others had “Idiom” as the username. This one has “CLCAvailcheck” as the username. Although they could be doing this to through off fan, since they recently had some issues, and all the other castings they have posted for movie have had the movie/working/production title in the email.

I have a good feeling that this casting however is for Catching Fire based on the description of the casting.

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