Photo: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory Tour Set?

Twitter user @SJLong15 posted a picture with the caption “Catching Fire set”. I was curious to see what picture it was, since we’ve seen a good amount from the Goat Farm and from the Pullman Yard set. To my surprise it was something I haven’t seen before!

You can clearly see the Panem logo and the number 74, as well as “Victory Tour” on the blue flags to the left. Also in the background on the right hand side, you can see the yellow/red flags with the Roman Numerals LXXV which is equivalent to number 75. Not sure if this stage will also serve purpose for the Quarter Quell in some form.

By the looks of it, the set can use some more stuff on it. Not sure how this one will be played out. Possibly this could be one of those mostly CGI scenes in the movie.

What you do guys think it could be?

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